It is the goal of the Counter team to protect water polo players, provide quality water polo gear, and preserve and enhance the growth of water polo throughout the world.

About Counter

Counter was created by athletes who love water polo, but wanted a change. Water polo is an aggressive, full-contact sport that is played internationally. Recent research has suggested that more than a third of water polo players suffer from at least one concussion while playing the sport. In order to protect the athletes and preserve the growth of the incredible sport, the founders at Counter knew the equipment needed a change. We wanted to provide high quality, attractive water polo goods that keep water polo players safe, and also keep them performing at the highest level possible, so we took charge and introduced the patent-pending Tuff-Cap, the first protective water polo cap of it’s kind. Tuff-Caps look and feel like traditional water polo caps, but give you the trusted, proven protection of XRD® smart materials. And they float! With the plan of setting a new standard in the sport’s protective headgear, Counter aims to outfit all water polo players with gear that keeps them safe and comfortable.

Water Polo REsearch

Our approach to keeping water polo players safe is founded in science. Read some of the latest research on head injuries in water polo below.