Tuff-Caps are the patent-pending, sensible solution to the lack of game-legal protective headgear in water polo. The engineers at Counter, Inc made the Tuff-Cap with both the athlete's comfort and safety in mind. Designed to look nearly identical to standard water polo caps, the Tuff-Cap fits snugly to the head and adds a big boost of protection from head impact forces. Tuff-Caps feature a thin layer of an advanced, rate-dependent material called Poron XRD®. Soft to the touch, but tough on impact, XRD® Technology is the proven choice for ultimate comfort and high impact protection. Currently used in a variety of helmets and protective gear, we saw XRD® Technology as the perfect fit for the Tuff-Cap.

XRD® Technology is proven to absorb up to 90% of the most extreme impacts, while maintaining 98% of its original performance...hit after hit. The Tuff-Cap never compromises, and only uses materials proven to protect athletes.

Tuff-Caps feature specialized earguards that are designed to allow maximum audibility and quick water drainage. You'll never miss a word from your coach or a whistle from the referee because of these earguards.

And if your Tuff-Cap ever falls off in the middle of an intense game or a long practice, you'll never have to search the bottom of the pool for it. Tuff-Caps float, and will remain at the water's surface for quick retrieval.

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WARNING: Scientists have not reached agreement on how the results of impact absorption tests relate to neck, head, or brain injuries, including concussions. No conclusions about a reduction of risk or severity of neck, head, or brain injuries, including concussions, should be drawn from impact absorption tests.